Our Mission

Beauty Breakthrough Ministries is a faith-based organization committed to building beauty, health and wholeness through Jesus Christ. Our goal is to inspire women to honor God via a healthy and spirit-led lifestyle that cultivates beauty and happiness from the inside out.

Our Values

Beauty Breakthrough Ministries seeks to help women and girls grow fully confident in their physical appearance through a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Our programs focus on building self-esteem through Christian-based activities and programs in the areas of beauty, makeup, hair, fitness, food, weight loss and health.

Our Vision

Beauty Breakthrough Ministries seeks to create a world filled with confident women and girls who discover their true inner and outer beauty through an intimate relationship with God and no longer struggle with low self-esteem.  We also desire to help women connect with other sisters in Christ who will serve as mentors, encouragers and accountbility partners throughout the spiritual journey to a healthy, beautiful life.